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fut 17 trailer monedas

If you count the Street and UEFA titles, EA has brought six football games to the Xbox. Wow. That’s almost hard to believe, especially since the total number of soccer games put out by the competition equals a laughable uno. But it only took one other competitor for Electronic Arts to shake in its boots a bit, for that lone hombre was the formidable Winning Eleven 8 released by Konami. Think in Spain about monedas fut 17 or in France crédits fifa 17

Knowing that they had to go big or not at all, EA decided to ramp up their long running football series with more leagues and teams, a more aggressive play style, and better dynasty modes. Can FUT 17 soccer de-throne the current soccer king of the Xbox, or shall it have to wait until the 360 version debuts ? The pitch awaits us…

  trailer fifa 17 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9LHzVEPodg


14.7.16 15:35

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